Sherwood Shores Chapel


969 Hillcrest Circle, Gordonville, Texas 76245



Here we will tell the story of the beginnings of our church and how we became what we are today.



The Chapel began in the heart of the Rev. Kyle Thurman, Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Gainesville, Texas in 1961. He had parishoners who began buying land in Sherwood Shores for their weekend fishing cabins and homes. Many others at that time also began buying cabins and land as the developer began this weekend get-a-way community. Pastor Thurman approached the developer about the need for a community church where people could worship on the weekends. A barbecue supper was held to see if there was interest and 750 people showed up. The developer donated land for the project as did many homeowners. In 1962 the groundbreaking was held with over 200 in attendance. Later that year the open-sided A frame structure placed on a concrete slab was dedicated to an over flow crowd of 250. As the need grew so did the Chapel. The sanctuary was modernized by closing it in and adding new seating and central heat and air. In 1971 a Fellowship Hall was added. Then over the years a library/nursery room was added along with Sunday School space and office space.
For most of her early years the Chapel was non-denominational even though they had a Presbyterian pastor. But it became clear that independency was not scriptural. So the Chapel saw the need to be affiliated with other Christians of like mind who were conservative in their Bible teaching but evangelistic in their outreach and so they affiliated with one denominaton that eventually united with another - the Presbyterian Church in America. The PCA is listed in 2007 as one of the faster growing denominations in North America. On July 20, 1988 Rev. Kyle Thurman went home to be with the Lord.
The Chapel has only had five pastors: Rev. Kyle Thurman, Rev. Dr. Don Darling, Rev. David Farbishel, Rev. Randy Pemberton, Rev. Dr. David Frierson.
We are committed doctrinally to the Westminster Confession of Faith together with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms. They were written in 1647 and 1648 but are just as relevant today because they are faithful expositions of Bible truth. These great statements of Biblical faith keep us doctrinally sound. We are not in anyway affiliated with the National or World Council of Churches. A famous pastor in our denomination was the late Dr. D. James Kennedy. Also Dr. RC Sproul is a member of our denomination.